Bonfire Society

Bonfire Societies are to celebrate the unsuccessful attempt of Guy Fawkes, and his plotters to blow up the parliament and King James 1st, On 5th November 1605. The Majority of the UK Bonfire Societies make effigies of Guy Fawkes and light a bonfire to burn it throughout the event of their parade

Bonfire Night was started over Robert Catesby, It was known that If Guy Fawkes succeeded in blowing up the parliament, his conspirators was to make and light huge bonfires all over the country to celebrate the death of King James the 1st. Fireworks are used today to recognise the unsuccessfully attempt blowing up of the Houses of Parliament, as some will say.

Bonfire Societies

Waterloo Bonfire Society March.( Image Lewes Bonfire Council)

The Reason: Guy and his plotters were plotting to kill the King and the Bonfire Societies were protestant (Guy and his co-conspirators were Catholic). The Bonfire Societies spend months creating homemade costumes and effigies to burn on the Bonfire which all add to the magic of these events creating a uniquely personal atmosphere. All of the Bonfire Societies have their own ‘costumes’ usually reflecting the rather shady past of some of the original society members many of whom were smugglers and pirates.

Because there are so many members of the Sussex Bonfire societies, their events usually start in September and the last one is usually around 7th December.

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