Bonfire Night Traditions

Bonfire Night on 5th November

Bonfire Night Traditions, the UK’s best website for guides about Guy Fawkes and pyrotechnic. 

No matter, if you are looking for the history of Guy Fawkes to learning More about Fireworks, To emphasize, Our guides will help you along your way.

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A Guide to Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night For Beginners

Are you new to bonfire night? BFNT will guide you through step by step, as can be seen, Starting Here with the handy guide.

Beginners Guide To Fireworks

To emphasize are you looking for help about fireworks? BFNT Fireworks guide will assist you on the whole, with a step by step guide. Start Here.

Guy Fawkes Profile

Explore who Guy Fawkes was, read guido’s profile, and what his role was and a point often overlooked within the gunpowder treason and plot.

Guy Fawkes Rhymes

Notably, read the UK Local and the widely known Guy Fawkes chants and rhymes, together with their location.

Bonfire Night, Food

Find Traditional recipes together with cooking methods, start here to explore Bonfire Night Food.

CE Marked Fireworks

CE Marked Safety Distances Guide is your chart, and in brief, to safely viewing the new EU Fireworks Classifications.

Bonfire Night

Learn About Fireworks

Professional Fireworks or DIY

Choosing between Professional Fireworks or DIY?  And what each one en tales, in brief, Find out what a pro team can do and what you have to do if you DIY with consumer fireworks.

The articles, to explain, the difference between the two and suggests options you need to consider for the occasion in question.

Bonfire Night and Fireworks Forum

BFNT has a special section on the Seasonal Forum! With thousands of threads and posts, we are the best UK Seasonal Forum online, to explain.

We have covered the most talked about, in detail, firework topics, including reviews and showcasing members displays. Join today – it’s FREE!

Supermarket Firework

Supermarket Fireworks
Price Index is an online comprehensive price index tool. To clarify, it is designed for supermarket fireworks, to sort between price ascending and descending.