We have set out the traditions of bonfire night in the UK, The reason why we celebrate Bonfire Night, is that of the failed plot to kill King James 1. Also Known as Guy Fawkes Night, it is a yearly tradition held on the 5th of November, and what we pass on to our future generations.

Traditionally throughout UK, towns and villages.

bonfire night traditions Remember remember the 5th of November
We Rhyme, Remember, remember the fifth of November. 

The chant, has been said for hundreds of years. The traditional the Guy Fawkes Rhyme was one of many other local chants.

  • Young children learn it early.
  • It has been immortalized.
  • There are many local versions.

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 - Eight of the thirteen Plotters, by Crispijn van de Passe the Elder.
The history of the gunpowder plot of 1605

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was craft by Robert Catesby, Guy Fawkes was the explosive expert.

  • In total there were 13 plotters.
  • We say, Guy Fawkes because he was the first captured.
  • The gunpowder plot reaches far back to Henry VIII and his first marriage.

Explore Guy Fawkes Night

Bonfires were used to cook foods, such as potatoes here is a traditional list of bonfire foods ideas, including the traditional Yorkshire Parkin cake and toffee apples.

Effigies are built made out of old clothes stuffed with paper or straw. villegas and schools, hold a contest to who can build the best guy during the run-up to the UK tradition.

A past bonfire night traditions were children who used to take their home-made guy, out on the streets and ask for “a penny for the Guy” to buy fireworks.

Gunpowder a BBC Drama, Tells an untold story of Robert Catesby and Guy Fawkes. Here is all the info you need to know about the 3 part show.

Not only is Bonfire night, very known to the British citizens, November 5th significance plays a nostalgia role, within the British people.


Fireworks Law
UK firework law. 

Fireworks Law is all you need to know how to stay legal, and safe, times you are allowed to set off fireworks, and much more.

  • It is illegal to buy fireworks under 18.
  • We have set times restrictions for fireworks.

Learn how fireworks work
How well do you know about fireworks?

Each Firework, works in their special way, Find diagrams of each type of firework, and how to safely set them up.

  • Fireworks have their own categories.
  • Each one of them produces a unique effect.
  • They are used for many different occasions, not just for bonfire night.

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Bonfire Night Traditions Aim

To help you get the most out of fireworks and Bonfire night, We are here to help you understand its history and gravity, to enjoying its elements and more important Tradition.