About Bonfire Night Traditions

2007 commonly known as The Firework Shop list (TFSL), A website to find fireworks shops and firework displays. The year of my first son was born and I was new the firework sector, currently looking for fireworks and reading everything there was to know.

I decided to build a directory, at the time there were not many directories online that dealt with fireworks companies, so I (Gaz – founder) decided to build one for the masses.

Over the 2 years of it being online, the website went from strength to strength, the second year, My wife decided wouldn’t it be good to showcase firework leaflets from supermarkets and help them choose the best deals.

With the website getting more popular with this new section online, I decided to include local fireworks displays, The heydey of TFSL was in full swing.

In 2012 a regular member of The Firework Shop List suggested to include a forum. I decided that year we make all supermarkets fireworks available within the forum to allow a regular member to talk in-depth over there purchasing.

This is where TFSL meet (Rich – Co-founder). In 2013 members was expressing other holiday interests, such as Christmas and Halloween. After 4 months of careful planning how to explore these other seasons without moving away from fireworks.

2014 Seasonal Traditions was born, the HQ of all the UK Celebrated holidays, From Bonfire Night to Christmas, that the forum now includes.

Because of the nature of the main holidays, Bonfire night, Halloween and Christmas, being big to right articles for one site. We decided to split them up into their own individual branch sites.

Bonfire Night Traditions was born, bringing you everything the TFSL had and much more, The site covers consumer firework purchasing and the history of the Gunpowder plot. and last but not least the supermarket section.

The entire Traditional network is a labour of love, a hobby for everyone to read and enjoy. we do not get paid a weekly/monthly wage, We offer advertising space for sponsors who wish to keep the traditions going and help support the servers.

Unlike our competitions, we truly explore each tradition and give the utmost best possible advice no matter what the consumer chooses.