Banff Round Table Fireworks Display

Banff Round Table Fireworks Display

Banff Round Table Fireworks Display Annual fireworks display will, this time, be held on fireworks night Saturday, November 4th, 2017.

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Essential Details at a glance

    • Date: Saturday, 4th, November 2017.
    • Price: Free
    • Time: Gates 6.00 pm.
    • Location: Directions

Banff Round Table Fireworks Display Description:

the entire display will be taped off for safety reasons, Bonfire will be lit around 6:30 pm and fireworks approx 7.00 pm.

Banff Round Table entire family to a fun-filled autumn evening. last year saw crowds turn up to see the magnificent display, and see bigger and better.

The event is free and anyone who’s anyone can turn up. Please accompany children as the bonfire will be taped off.

If you have any spare wood tried trees, for the bonfire. Then please use the above contact details, the arrangements will be discussed.

Like with all local displays, and for safety reasons, the area will be closed to the public to ensure the bonfire is built properly and to regulations.

The display team can safely set up without much interference, barriers and other such safety requirements will be in place for Banff Round Table Fireworks.

patrols will be most likely to ensure no one can get too close to the fireworks and the bonfire, checks are done prior and after the bonfire.

Please do not bring pets unless they are service dogs, and no fireworks are allowed at the display, such as sparklers, sky lanterns.

Finally, if you have been to a past Banff Round Table Fireworks Display why not share your experience in the comments below.


  1. Sandra Spackman on

    I have a small selection of fireworks won at a wedding reception. Not suitable for home display,so wondered if I could give them to you, for incorporation in your display this year- which we always attend.
    Kind regards,Sandra

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