Guy Fawkes Day Beginners

Guy Fawkes Day Beginners guide will help you with everything from the history of this great British tradition while you wait for your favourite firework show begins.

Lesson 1: Plot and Treason

Gunpowder, treason and plotters profile guide explains who the monarch at the time was and, in general, the profile of the 13 plotters.

Lesson 2: What Is Bonfire Night?

What is Bonfire Night, In brief, articles explaining what Bonfire Night is and why we celebrate it?

Lesson 3: Why Do We Have Fireworks?

Why do we have fireworks Article, to sum up, why the law was passed and the history of fireworks.
Guy Fawkes Day Beginners, 2007 Burning Town and Hillside Watchers lewes

Lesson 4: Traditional Food Recipes

Traditional Bonfire Night Recipes explores, in essence, what is consumed on Guy Fawkes night and recipes from the finest chefs.

Lesson 5: Remember, remember chant

Guy Fawkes Rhyme and Bonfire Night Old Chants explores, on the whole, past time rhymes and chants.

Lesson 6: Beginners Next Step

Explore the firework side of bonfire night the fireworks beginners guide will help you in what you need to clarify when buying fireworks.

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It explains the law behind the bonfires in local regions and, to sum up when building fires.

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