BFNT Multilingual

In beta, the aim of this project is to bring this great British tradition to as many people as possible. this site is only presented with a handful of languages, as we progress we are wanting to translate as many languages as possible.

Multilingual Tool

We use a tool called Transposh, it is compatible with most translated that can be found on the browser extension directories. In other words, it is to help the browser translator translate text within the article, across the entire website.

You can find the tool on the right-hand side, under our sponsors, if you are on the PC.

If you are using your phone. the tool can be found at the bottom of every page. Mostly all browsers will suggest translating the page if you are in the given country, or if you have a preferred default language set.

if you feel a suggestion is needed on a given text, under each language there is a tick box next to edit. this will allow you to edit the text that has been translated. all edits need an admin approval before they are seen live.

Currently, this tool is offline

If you are local in a given country and the translation is completely wrong you can email us here: [email protected] and we can take it further on how to get the article translated correctly.