10 Firework Safety Public Information Films from the 70s and 80s, 90s

Do you remember to keep safe this bonfire night? yes, those down to the point adverts that popped up during a break when watching coronation street.

Here Are 10 Firework Safety Public Information Films you may or may not know.

10 Firework Safety Public Information Films

When they first come on, and as much as they were showing a powerful fact about fireworks, you always seemed to get a buzz, knowing Bonfire night was coming and if you didn’t hear fireworks before the TV adverts, like most of the UK would, you certainly know about it the following night.

Remember the sparkler one

Sparklers did pose to be dangerous, especially to the uneducated individuals. They can reach up to 2,000°C, we did 10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Sparklers you could look over to see what you could do to keep safe with them.

But as much these 10 Firework Safety Public Information Films adverts were showing every year, they do bring a nostalgia moment to use wise older adults.


I always loved the duo, Hale and Pace, the management. In today generation, they would seem very threatening, but I have to admit back then, they were funny. Some would say these adverts put them off fireworks. But I was the individual who still today cannot get enough of them.

Personally, I think it was helping in such a way, but you still had the ones, who would purchase fireworks with the money raised with a penny for a guy. If you went to school in the 70s and 80s you certainly would know what I am going on about Until it was mandatory with proof to be 18 years old and above to purchase them.

Oh the bangers those fun little sticks

Here we have a very young Gillian Taylforth who interviews other kids about their misadventures with Fireworks

And then, we had this one, Don`t Fool Around with fireworks, where a kid is with a bunch of friends, liting bangers and throwing them.

At the time, there were some powerful adverts, it certainly put some realism there for the younger kids when they were out and about.


This advert was done in the early 80s, warning of the dangers of playing with fireworks. they explode in your face you are going to go blind.


Here we have a classic 1970, penny for a guy in action, but this video portrays, where’s your child tonight?.

Welephant and Spikey, bonfire night Safety, This is a very young Peter Key and his friend spike before he was famous.

This one was near the 98 years, A film showing someone holding a firework and counting down, although. it cuts off after it explodes and shows 2 fingers missing. Some of these were very graphic.

My name is fire, well this certainly was a weird one, basically saying don’t go near him he cannot help himself.

I am going to finish this 10 Firework Safety Public Information Films off with, the boy who is blind in one eye. Don’t fool with fireworks.

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