2018 Asda Fireworks Leaflet

With 3 weeks to go until seasonal sales start, Asda has released their fireworks leaflet for 2018. It includes “Must Haves”, “Essentials”, “Family Collection”, “Party Collection”, “Supreme Collection” and “Platinum Collection”. The video below contains more details on my personal opinions of the range.

2018 Asda Fireworks Leaflet Video

Asda’s Must Haves:

  • Enchanted Fountain – A brilliant duration fanned fountain which for £7 is very good value.
  • Firework lighters – a great way to light your fireworks, far better than normal safety lighters.

Things to avoid:

  • Monster selection box – this box is poor value and has a low Net Explosive Qauntity for it’s size, which makes it one of the poorer items in the range.
  • Platinum Collection – these items are very expensive and underperform, therefore these are best avoided.

For a quick access to the Asda firework leaflet, see our supermarket fireworks leaflet section, that shows all the upcoming fireworks from major stores.

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