Asda Fireworks Leaflet 2020

Special thanks go to xmaspixie from seasonal traditions for sharing these Asda Fireworks leaflet 2020. On sale to the public from 15/10/2020 to the 10/11/2020 and from 27/12/20 to 31/12/20 for new years. Asda leaflet as follows, for 2020 Asda has chosen once again TNT fireworks and the same style leaflet. As with previous years, these are in selected stores.

Asda finally revealing their TNT range, on this leaflet we have magic Selection box (15pcs) – 2 for £10 or £6, The Sky wizard 2 for £10 or £6 and then enchanted 2 for £10 or £6.
Here we have the party collection, all three for 2 for £10 or £12 on cheat, Hero selection Box (17 pcs), Starbound rocket pack (9pk) and Lightning Bolt Multi-shot (13 shots).
Next we have the supreme collection all three on 2 for £40 or £24 each, on the following Thunderbolt selection box (19 pcs), Booster Jets rocket pack (18 pcs) and Shockwave Multi-shot (30 shots).
Asda Fireworks Leaflet 2020 4
Here is Asda Low Noise Selection, Rainbow selection box (12 pcs) £10, Quiet Storm Multi-shot (18 shots) £20 and UFO New for 2020 fountain at £20.
Asda Fireworks Leaflet 2020 5
There are their must have selections, at £5 the Funny Bones flashing Fountain, then we have Ghost & Goblins twin pack of Fountains new for 2020 at £10, The Dino Destruction Multi-shot (36 shots) New for 2020 for £40, and last but not least the space Blitz Compound firework (93 shots) at £50.
Asda Fireworks Leaflet 2020 essentials
and here is asda firework essentials, TNT Gold Sparklers at 50 for 5 pk. Giant sparklers for £1, Furious 5 pk shot tubes at £5 and Screaming Demons 100 shot at £5, the Magical Unicorn magic fountain at £8 and Sensational Party all in one pack at (42 pk)

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