Bonfire Night Safety Tips – Infographic

Bonfire night is a fun filled event for the entire family, a warm bonfire, the fab fireworks and the distance bangs. Eating the warm food and toffee apple treats.

Preparation is the key job of the day, making sure no one doesn’t get hurt, this includes yourself and animals. here are our top safety tips on keeping family and friends safe this November.

Top Tips for Keeping Safe 

  • Make sure children are never left unattended, near the bonfire or fireworks.
  • Give clear instructions on where everyone needs to stand.
  • always wear suitable clothing for the evening, as it can get cold and damp.
  • keep animals safe and make sure they are indoors at all time during the fireworks show.
  • choose your fireworks appropriate for little ears, loud fireworks can scare small children and animals.
  • always follow the fireworks code.
  • make sure you let your neighbours know you are doing fireworks.
  • do not build a bonfire high, and always keep it under control.
  • keep fireworks away from flames, and children.

Bonfire Night Infographic

Download it here.

Bonfire Night Safety Tips – Infographic

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