How to Handle Bonfire Night Social Story

Bonfire night social story is a great way, to help your child to prepare for social interaction and for public events. I use a social story for my son, who sometime struggle to settle down at bedtime. But what about Bonfire night.

How to Handle Bonfire Night Social Story

My son, always obsess on fireworks, (Running around screaming, the word fireworks.) He get very upset the moment he hears them. We have come up with some social story’s we have recently used to help him cope for when bonfire night season arrives.

Bonfire Night Social Story’s

Leading up to bonfire night Social Story

Bonfire Night is when everyone celebrates with big bonfires, fireworks and food.
Bonfires are bright and warm and the fireworks are loud and colourful in the night sky.

(Child name) Will sometimes hear fireworks on a night time, before bonfire night.
Fireworks will make (Child name) worried, but the noises cannot hurt (Child name).

If (Child name) gets too upset, you can ask for (guardian name) for help. But (Child name)
needs to find his / her favourite toy and stay calm.

Firework Displays Social Story

(Child name), is going to a fireworks display. (Child name), will first see loads of people.

If (Child name) gets upset, (Child name) needs to stay calm and hold (guardian name) hand.
(Child name) can choose his / her own food from the stall and watch the fireworks while eating.

(Child name), will see lots of fireworks shooting high in the sky and making loads of noises.
(Child name) might get up set, but noises cannot hurt, (Child name).

Fireworks are fun, (Child name) will try and stay calm and enjoy the fireworks.

We recently did a post on How To Make Bonfire Night Autism-Friendly. It is filled with ideas to work along side your already existing routine. While trying to keep tour child calm during bonfire night.

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