How Catherine Wheel Fireworks Work

Catherine Wheel Fireworks is a disk with Gerbs (fountains) attached. In short, These make it spin when fixed to a post.

How Catherine Wheel Fireworks Work

Catherine Wheels, are unique but simple design. Rocket-like thrusters, Gerbs (fountains) sit around the border. Each tube offers a thrust and sparks effect. Spinning the wheel fast around.

In most cases, the fast flow momentum gives many wheels the added effect. Additionally, here is a diagram of a 7 tube catherine wheel.

Catherine Wheel Fireworks Diagram
Diagram showing a 7 tube Catherine Wheel Fireworks

Tubes are connected by a Visco fuse on each side. When one tube finishes, another tube starts the same process. Keeping the fast spinning throughout each tube.

Furthermore, Some larger, wheels offer far more effects, from red to green, and including screeching.

Catherine Wheel Fireworks Brief History

We name the firework after Saint Catherine of Alexandria. In the 4th century, she was tortured on a wheel.

As one legend story goes, she was condemned to death because she broke the wheel. It was said Saint Catherine of Alexandria touched the wheel it fell to pieces.

Safely Setup Catherine Wheels

Catherine Wheels can be big or small and can be very annoying to set up. But when done correctly, They can, in short, offer a satisfying feeling. Here are the tools for setting up wheels safely.

  • Hammer
  • Secure post
  • Your Firework

You will notice, all wheels come with a nail. Additionally, You will need to use a hammer to bang it in a suitable secure post. This needs to be placed through the center hole.

Make sure you don’t bang it in too tight or too lose or the wheel will not spin correctly. After, give the wheel a spin by hand. By adding lubricant such as WD 40 or vaseline will help it spin slightly better.

Another thing to point out Never set up wheels on trees, or house walls, This includes sheds and fencing panels. They all pose a firework hazard.

Waterproofing wheels

The simplest jobs to do if you are planning on leaving the wheel for a while and worried about water getting into the catherine wheel.

Placing a bag sealed by tape will make sure no water can get to the wheel.

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