Cosmic Elite Jupiter Selection Box Unboxing

The Cosmic Elite Jupiter selection box is a top of the range selection comprising 36 medium/large garden fireworks; 18 Fountains, 5 Roman Candles, 4 rockets, 1 roman candle battery, 2 shot tubes, 3 cakes and 3 mines.

Cosmic Elite Jupiter Selection Box Unboxing

Value for money

The box was purchased for £100, which seems to be the standard price for this box. It’s certainly at the top end cost wise, but the box contains over 1.5kg of Net Explosive, which is very high for a selection box. Also there are very few ‘padder’ items in the box; the vast majority of the items are high powder, high quality items.

£100 is probably the top end of what this box should sell for, with £80-100 providing an appropriate price range. The box is unique at this price point as it’s a proper family box with lots of variety; most boxes at this price have lots of cakes in them.


The fireworks contained in the box are of high quality, and certainly on the larger side for garden fireworks. It’s important to say that a few items in the box are Category F3, requiring a 25m safety distance. The other items in the box are F2 with a 15m safety distance. The box is likely to have several loud fireworks, making it ideal for families looking for the next level in garden entertainment without having to spend hundreds. The Jupiter selection box does require some set up to ensure a safe display. The individual items have instructions for set up on them.

Cosmic Elite Jupiter Selection Box Unboxing


Overall this is a perfect box for those looking to step up from the usual supermarket fireworks are smaller boxes. Boxes of this quality are rare; it feels and looks like a premium item. For £100 or less, this box will provide a very enjoyable back garden display.

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