Firework Laws & Regulations

(excluding Northern Ireland), Find the principal legislation, regulations and other important things to be conscious of if you purchase and use fireworks in the united kingdom.

Using Fireworks

It’s a frequent misconception which you could just let fireworks off or for just Guy Fawkes night. You can, in reality, let fireworks off any period of the season and any day of the week including Sundays, but you have to let off them until 11 pm.

December 31st (New Year’s Eve): You are able to let fireworks off till 1 am.
Diwali (11th November 2015*): You are able to let fireworks off till 1 am.
Chinese New Year (8th February 2016*): You are able to let fireworks off till 1 am.
November 5th (Bonfire Night / / Guy Fawkes): You are able to let fireworks off till midnight.
*Source: Wikipedia content Diwali and Chinese New Year.

Please use courtesy to notify your neighbours. If you are intending on having a display. Even if it is not on November 5th or New Year’s Eve.

It’s prohibited to let fireworks off on the road or public locations. You should only let fireworks off at a private property like your backyard or on property in which you have the landowner’s approval.

It’s BFNT’s belief it is prohibited to allow fireworks on the beach. (fireworks not to be confused for distress flares). You can read the Variety of firework laws which apply from the first 2004 legislation type here: Firework Regulations 2004

It’s not a valid necessity to get any kind of license to use customer fireworks. But for public events that are secured, some kind of instruction might be a necessity of their underwriters.

Buying fireworks

It’s prohibited for under 18s to possess fireworks in a public location.

There’s no such thing (contrary to popular misconception) as a license or instruction that entitles a part of the public to purchase Category 4 (specialist ) fireworks.

It’s not a valid necessity to get any sort of license or instruction to purchase consumer fireworks. Consumer fireworks should conform to British Standards (BS 7114) and be classified as Category 2 (Garden) or Category 3 (screen ) fireworks, or even conform to the EU equal, or take a CE mark (under new laws coming into force).

Fireworks can only be sold to individuals aged 18 or older. Sparklers are recognized as fireworks and also the very same laws apply.

There’s a sound limit of 120db on all consumer fireworks. Certain items are banned in the united kingdom. These include bangers, air tanks and jumping jacks, irrespective of whether these really are CE approved and marked for sale in other EU nations.

Professional fireworks

Category 4 Fireworks are for professional use only These fireworks are not available to buy directly to consumers. It is illegal for anybody to possess Category 4 fireworks unless you have gone through the appropriate training.

Fireworks Storing

storage legislation would not apply if you are planning on just selection boxes and sparklers in the supermarket, or small amounts of fireworks generally or are purchasing your fireworks every day or two until you allow them off.

However, fireworks are called either Hazard Type 3 or Hazard Type 4 (generally equal to 1.3G or 1.4G) for storage purposes or, if there’s a mix of either, the entire lot is considered being Hazard Type 3. Weight and time constraints apply to just how much of every type you may store in your home before you need to enrol your own storage or submit an application for a license.

Transporting fireworks

Fireworks are explosives and cannot be sent via the post. This applies to sparklers. Fireworks can only be sent having an explosives courier and must be clearly indicated as such.

Due to their explosives classification, they also have banned items on nearly all airline, ferry and transport companies such as the Channel Tunnel. That is the reason why fireworks, usually, can only be sent to email mail order to addresses on the mainland.

It’s well worth pointing out talks from the Seasonal Forum, that have emphasized the fact your car insurance may become void or otherwise influenced if you transport fireworks. Speak to your insurer.

Selling fireworks

Fireworks can be sold any time of year, However, the retailer needs to hold a valid license. The cheaper of the 2 license covers the span approximately Guy Fawkes and New Year’s Eve. (Seasonal pop-up Shop). The costlier license covers a retailer annually. You need to consult your own regional licensing authority that’s usually either Trading Standards or the local Fire Authority, to learn more about acquiring a license and the costs.

A new legislation that comes into force in 2010, called (The Pyrotechnic Articles Safety Regulations 2010) it redefines certain legal requirements for fireworks, their sales, and labelling.

It is advised you use this article as a guide only. Laws are often subject to change and in some cases open to interpretation. We encourage you to consult the relevant authority for confirmation of the laws prior to buying or using fireworks.

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