New For 2018 – Flash, Bang, Wallop 49 Shot Cake

Here we have, are you ready? Flash, Bang, Wallop, Huge multi-coloured strobes to brocade horse tails effects, This item available from September. Offering 55 seconds of pure wowness.

New For 2018 – Flash, Bang, Wallop 49 Shot Cake

New For 2018 – Flash, Bang, Wallop 49 Shot Cake

The design is unique, especially if you buy for this type of thing. At a price tag of £50.00, it is not a bad cake.

Flash, Bang, Wallop 49 Shot Cake Video

We recently did a post on Pyro Percussion Top Secret Drum Corps?. the mighty,  Top Secret Drum Corps use pyro for the first time, we take a look at the video, and how it worked during the event.

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This is not a paid post, we do not accept any royalty of the above image or video, We have decided to show a video of this product because we think it’s a nice item to have in a fireworks stash. Solihull Fireworks sponsors us as a network and you can see more of our sponsors here. There are plenty for you to choose from, if you do decide to buy fireworks, we say to go to the sponsored section first.

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