Ghengis Fireworks ETNA Fountain Review

Ghengis Fireworks ETNA Fountain is a conned firework a nice classical fountain that performs for your money.

Ghengis Fireworks ETNA Fountain Review

Value for money

like all of our review, the video above shows the fountain in action at the end of the short review. It is fountain by Ghengis Fireworks, the rrp on this is 19.95 but it can be bought from Ghengis direct at 9.95. for a coned fountain, the price was reasonable.

Its Duration is up to 70 Seconds, with the Classification: 1.4G category 2 at 8m. and it has 210g of powder. The fountain is Quiet, although you do also get a good dose of crackles effects, mostly it would be enjoyed by all the family members.

The package was simple, it was easy to follow, full descriptive information that included the effects it produces.  You also do get effects that reached a good height.

Ghengis Fireworks ETNA Fountain Review


Overall its a conned fountain for families looking for performance while keep the noise level low, I fully enjoyed watching this firework and it is a nice addition to any display for the family.

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