Gunpowder BBC Drama


BBC Drama, TV Mini-Series, in short, telling the story the Gunpowder Plot. On the 5th of November every year, The Uk mark the discovery of the Plot in 1605 with fireworks and bonfires. Additionally, called many titles, Bonfire Night or even, Guy Fawkes Day. The public believed the plot was by Guido Fawkes. However, he was found hiding in the cellar. The Man who was the original driving force was Robert Catesby a Warwickshire 30-year old gentleman, Kit Harington.

Gunpowder BBC Drama UK TV Premiere Date

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Episodes – Date

Episode 1 – Saturday 21st October.

Gunpowder Trailer

Cast & Crew

Series Directed by

J Blakeson.

Series Writing Credits

Ronan Bennett.

Daniel West.

Series Cast
Sean Rigby – Lord Monteagle.

Kit Harington – Robert Catesby.

Peter Mullan – Henry Garnet.

Mark Gatiss – Robert Cecil.

Richard Douglas  – Kings Bodyguard.

Simon Kunz – Henry Howard.

Luke Neal – Jack Wright.

Jason Redshaw – Yeoman Guard.

Joseph Ringwood – Ambrose Rookwood.

Liv Tyler – Ann Vaux.

Daniel West – Thomas Percy.

David Bamber – The Earl of Northumberland.

Pedro Casablanc – The Constable of Castile.

Colin Coombs – Executioner.

Tom Cullen – Guy Fawkes.

Shaun Dooley – Sir William Wade.

Kevin Eldon – Sir Joseph Hawksworth.

Robert Emms – Father John Gerard.

Edward Holcroft – Thomas Wintour.

Matthew Neal- Kit Wright.

Leo Park – Spanish Soldier.

Derek Riddell – King James.

Sian Webber – Lady Dorothy Dibdale.

Richard Waring – Crowd Member.

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