Handling Bad Weather With Your Fireworks

Handling Bad Weather With Your Fireworks can be a daunting task, While the random weather often flooding parts of the UK, Summer almost bake you alive, and not to mention, the sub zero cold snaps we often have in winter. Can fireworks work in any of these weather conditions?

Fireworks can work in almost any conditions the weather can throw at you. But in some situations preparation is the master key for them to work as intended.

Handling Bad Weather With Your Fireworks

Can you use fireworks in the Wind?

Wind can often really be the downfall of any type of fireworks show, weather this is a back garden consumer or a pro display, many factors needs to be considered before a show can move on, this includes safety distances and types of firework used. For example, rockets are the most affected and long/hanging burning effects (Horsetail, falling leaves, willows, brocades etc).

So how to do a safe display in wind? You can never think what the mark is on mph of the gust. Best practice with any type of show is to start of firing your smaller effects. keep a good eye where they are going.

If they are going towards the audience or going erratic often rockets produce this problem, including sideways, Then it is best the miss out the bigger stuff or worst case stopping the entire show.
Monitor everything during windy conditions, use common sense, and if you are not really comfortable with anything don’t carry a show on. Be safe then sorry.

Can fireworks be used in the Rain?

Letting off fireworks one at a time, will not pose any threat from the rain water. Once a firework gets going, all the internal fuses are protected especially with candles and cakes. Make sure you keep the outer fuse very dry this with a cap.

Handling Bad Weather With Your Fireworks: Can fireworks be used in the Rain?
A waterlogged Firing site.

Setting up in advanced can pose a threat, if your fireworks are not properly waterproof. But this job is very easy to do. It only means you are spending extra time covering each fireworks with either black bags, or cling film, and duct tape. Wrapping like a parcel. When the time comes to fire them, remove any top puddles and rip open the tops.

Insure you place a firing system on top of a board like plywood or anything where water cannot soak through under neath and there is a cover on the top such as a box.

Only time rain can realistically stop a display, is when the firing area is completely waterlogged, or when rain is simply too heavy to see through.

Hot and Cold Temperatures

The temperatures of the UK doesn’t have much of affect on fireworks, Even if we reach a heatwave. As long as you shade the fireworks from direct sunlight, and glass cannot reflect onto them.

The dusk temperatures can help produce condensation and dew,  this is why it is always waterproof your fireworks to keep them dry, especially if they are stored in a garage, or shed.

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