Herrenhausen International Fireworks Festival 2018

Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, Germany will mark its 28th International Firework Competition, boasting its stunning background set to fireworks, taking place on May 26th.

The entire event takes place between May and September on an annual basis and is seen among the best events to attend in the summer calendar.

You will see five teams from different countries compete with each other to create the best pyromusical show, among this you will also enjoy live music, performance art and tasty food and drinks.

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HIFF Key Dates

  • 26th of May
  • 9th of June
  • 18th of August
  • 1st of September
  • 15th of September
Herrenhausen International Fireworks Festival 2018

Credit: Hannover.de

Here a little fact about HIFF and why its connected to Bonfire night, the 50 hectares of the gardens were created, are you ready? by the one and only Sophia of Hanover, she was the grand-daughter of the famous King James I of England (James VI of Scotland).

The man who nearly got blown to pieces by Guy Fawkes and Robert Catesby, and to top the cake off, She is the daughter of Elizabeth, the woman who agreed to do a kidnap once Parliament was blown away.

Here is a little preview to HIFF 2017 performed by UK team Pyrotex Fireworx.

heads up to keep up with our last week post, was about 16 Best Fireworks and Bonfire Night Posters if you love firework posters, they can be so captive, here are 16 of the best we did for bonfire night. All image can be used, But please credit where you got them from.

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