How to Create an Event for Your Local Display

Adding a Bonfire and Fireworks Display is a great way to promote your local annual show, it also helps you improve your visibility on the social network and other places, to create a public event.

  1. Click Firework Displays – (PC: Just above this post. Mobile: Press the three lines top left.)
  2. Click Create an event – this is below the search field.
  3. Fill in all of the event required fields, name, details, location and time, price.
  4. Click send

You will need to allow 24 hours for the event to appear in the database. Once your event has been created You can share it on your facebook page or website. This is a good way to promote your event to a new audience and to keep them updated of any changes that they might not know about.

The submission is free, and we accept events only if they hold a bonfire and or fireworks. Anyone can add an event no matter if you are a fan of your local annual show or the actual host or organizer.

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We Show it Off

We actively promote the listing through the Seasonal Forum and our dedicated official Bonfire Night Traditions facebook page. for people who are actively seeking local fireworks shows and to an audience who are generally interested in fireworks.

We love fireworks it is a passion for us, and we want to build useful tool to help people to search for fireworks.

Did you see our last week post? it was about Malta International Fireworks Festival 17th Edition 2018, explore what the event is and who will be firing.

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