Is Bonfire Night Celebrated in other Countries?

Guy Fawkes Night, is almost here, In Great Britain, we celebrate with Bonfire, Fireworks and lush food. It is a unique event, But this raises a question.

Bonfire night a very British tradition, Is Bonfire Night Celebrated in other Countries?

Is Bonfire Night Celebrated in other Countries?

What is the story behind Bonfire Night?

It all began with Roberts Catesby. He set out to kill King James the 1st and his lords on the Opening of the Parliament in 1605. The gunpowder plot involved 13 men, all of whom had an important role to play. The most important conspirator was Guy Fawkes, he was an explosive expert. His job was the light the 36 barrels of gunpowder, what was stored in the cellars of parliament.

But, fortunately, the king received an anonymous letter about the plan, and the search for the traitors had begun. All the conspirators were captured, tortured and killed. This happened over 400 years ago, and today, we carry a tradition on by Remember, remember the fifth of November.

British tradition and celebration around the world

Bonfire and Local Firework displays parties, processions, Plays a big part in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland,  November 5th plays a huge role in people’s lives. With us celebrating for hundreds of years, it was bound to go to other countries.

If a country had a British settlement or a large group of British citizen there is a big chance a bonfire night celebration would have taken place. Obviously, in all Catholic countries, this event would not get the time of day. Originally, this event was to celebrate the King’s long life, But on the other hand, other people love this British event, because 13 men, nearly stopped the government.

You might still find Bonfire Night is celebrated in other nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and various Caribbean areas. But a possibility over the years, why this event might have died down was because of firework laws.

In larger countries like in the US, the Bonfire Night tradition was called Pope’s Day. It was celebrated regularly until the American Revolution happened. And because this was classed at anti-British, the events died down. Halloween took more of a hold with the US citizens.

Keep Calm and Carry On Celebrating

The Uk will never forget, Fireworks whizzing, banging and even pop. The bonfire smell in autumn. It is truly magical to witness. Bonfire night plays such a massive part and it is taught in schools everywhere across this country.

We recently did a post on How To Make Bonfire Night Autism-Friendly. It is filled with ideas to work alongside your already existing routine. While trying to keep your child calm during bonfire night.

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