Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival Annual Tradition

Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival Annual Tradition a huge joint display festival across the Kanmon Straits. It is between Shimonoseki City in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Kita-Kyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture.

This is the video, of Shimonoseki Summer Fireworks over Kanmon Straits back, in 2015.

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It is staged every year on August 13th and is said to see over 1.3 million spectators. Taking place at Nishikaigan, Moji-ku. What is A 10-minute walk from JR Mojiko Station.

Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival Annual Tradition, Google map image.

It has some pretty cool, features. Such as gloating a total of some 15,000 fireworks. These are launched along the coasts of Moji ward in Kitakyushu and Shimonoseki city in Yamaguchi prefecture. And it is also said to featuring underwater fireworks and giant globe-shaped fireworks.

The drama of the event, unfolds during the night, and taking in the local life, brings this tradition to life every year.

It is said, the festival is to remind everyone that it is summer. 2018, will be the Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival Annual Tradition 30th year.

You will be met with live music and stage events, before and after the festival. This is also free and is supported by fundraising. You can enjoy a Voyager pleasure boat, that departs from Moji-kō and cruises the straits.

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Kanmon Strait Fact

Back in 2006, The New Kitakyushu Airport opened. This was to help further prosperity and increased tourism and trade to Kanmon Strait.

Let us know below if you are planning a trip in the future to this Kanmon Strait event.

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Featured image credit: Kitakyushu City Tourism Information Committee.

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