Orthodox Easter Greece Fireworks Rocket War 2018

Easter for most of us is an excuse, to eat chocolate, that’s said, a fortune, of a massive package with the medium size eggs, sat perfectly within the middle, while sat watching a film with the inlaws.

If you miss this event don’t forget to check out our ultimate guide to summer fireworks. These are most of the UK events, that would give you a good pyro fix.

But for real easter pyro fun, this isn’t about buying the odd few fireworks and going into the garden and having a miniature display. let us look at an island called Chios, it is the 5th largest island of the Greek islands.A google map of Chio for the Easter Greece Fireworks 2018

Easter Rockets Fireworks War

Hundreds, if not, thousands of rockets are lined up between the people of Saint Mark church and the people of Virgin Mary Erethianis church, This is one traditional fireworks battle never to miss.

The churches are the targets for mutual firing, The whole atmosphere comes to life by locals and tourists who visit this place annually, cheering at the fires of both ends.

The whole event is crazy fun, and if you are a pyro lover just like most of our regular readers, you would agree, that attending this would be one of those events you have to attend.

Easter Greece Fireworks Details

So when does this awesome event start? details are subjected to change, but it looks as it will start on Saturday, March 31st, at  Vrontádos, Chios Island (Eastern Aegean Sea), Greece.

Let us know below if you are going or planning on making a future trip to Vrontádos to for this event.

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