Penny For The Guy A Lost British Tradition

Penny For The Guy, was when you annually made a guy out of old rags, filled either with paper or straw. Place him in a pushchair or a wheelbarrow, and you would either place him in front of a shop or knock on neighbours doors, chanting “Penny For The Guy”.

This was to help to fund buying fireworks for the annual family or local community bonfire show. The mister himself would then be put on the bonfire for you all to watch burn.

Penny For The Guy A Lost British Tradition

If you were fortunate enough to be in with the activity before the 90s, you would all too well know, how exciting this activity was. Sadly the tradition died off, The tradition mainly is seen in bonfire society such as Lewes and other events.

Not only that but with Halloween making a huge hit across the UK year after year, the idea of making an effigy of a guy completely died off.

or due, to laws changing, making it compulsory for 18s or over to purchase fireworks. The list could and is endless, to why this tradition died off.

Penny For The Guy Changed Job

But this shouldn’t stop us, There are plenty of ways to keep the activity flowing, mainly by building him for the home small DIY event. Or by joining a guy Fawkes competition at a local event.

If you want to look at this whole situation, we didn’t stop building him, we just changed to where and how we use the effigy.

In many old timers, and to the new generation, it is important to keep a tradition, that may have died off in one area to move it to a new job.

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