Professional Fireworks or DIY

Professional Fireworks or DIY are your two options when it comes to having fireworks, In one instance you can DIY (Do it yourself) with consumer fireworks or you can hire a professional fireworks company to do it for you. This article explains the difference between the two and suggests options you need to consider for the occasion in question.

Professional fireworks

Why potentially choose a professional fireworks company to do a display?. Well, this would all depend on what scale you would like the fireworks and the occasion. For example. If this display was for a wedding, you may be too busy with DIY and or you don’t have enough people to help out with preparing and firing. In reality getting a pro team in to do the fireworks for you would be beneficial.

When you choose to buy from a professional company, you employ a team to provide fireworks and to fire your display. In short, you will not have any involvement in setting up the display or firing. With that being said, the work involved in setting up such a display is best left to the trained. This is because, Behind the scene, a lot of preparation needs to be done.

Professional preparation

When you have passed over the desired venue details, the company will do a site survey to make sure the venue you have chosen is suitable for the fireworks. If and after the venue has passed, On the day of the chosen date you want this display, a crew will come set up the show, There would already be a set time for this show to be fired – and in most cases, after the show is finished, the crew will also tidy up.

Doing it yourself Fireworks

Doing fireworks, yourself can be one of the most exciting and thrilling tasks one could imagine. You can buy fireworks any time of the year, that means outside of bonfire night, you can go to a firework retailer and buy fireworks over the counter. Or you can buy over the internet and get them delivered. These are consumer fireworks. They would not be as powerful as professional fireworks, as you need to be fully trained and licensed fire to use mortars. You are fully legal to set off consumer fireworks, any time of the year, as long as you don’t fire them past 11 pm.

Appropriate choice

When is it appropriate to go for a pro team and when to DIY fireworks. In reality, you should only go to a professional if you would like the display to be powerful and on time. For example. here is a popular list of occasion what a professional firework company would be best used.

Public firework displays – to be a great success on bonfire night, you would definitely need to consider a pro team to do the show, as this would help in a major way, such has best-firing order, choosing effects that would make your audience go wow.

Wedding Fireworks – A professional team would do all the heavy lifting in regards to setting up and making your night as special as it can be.

Celebrations – in most cases such as birthday parties, and or other celebrations that you need to give a huge bang.

This is just a small example of when a pro fireworks team would be best spent. When to choose DIY fireworks?. Well the beauty of Doing it yourself, you would have the exciting job in planning and choose your effect, Choosing between low or high noise. Consider doing a consumer display when it’s just a small gathering or if it’s a traditional celebration such as Guy Fawkes or new years, or even just firing the odd few off for a birthday.

The cost between them both

If you are wanting a professional fireworks display, You will be looking at a budget of £500+, the cost is high because they need to cover their overheads, such as insurance, the products and paying the crew. for consumers, well for a good typical DIY show, you can go above and beyond. An average price to spend on consumers firework is anything between £300 – £400. and then expect delivery charges if this is not included in your spend. But in most cases, retailers do allow free shipping after you have spent a certain amount.

Professional fireworks or DIY summary

We have now covered some background for both DIY and professional companies. And as you can see there is a lot of advantages and disadvantages, from price to have to get a show set up. But it all bottles down to the occasion. Yes it can be nice having a DIY Consumer fireworks but in some cases it can be hassle-free and more realistic to have professional fireworks do this for you, Sometimes if for example, you need fireworks for your wedding, not all venues allow consumer fireworks displays, they may require you to hire a professional company to do the display for legal reason, the company would be held reliable.

Professional fireworks:

Ideal summaries covering professional fireworks. these would be your best options if the summaries tick your box.

  • An ideal option if you have a budget of £500 plus. The display can reach thousands of pounds.
  • If your display in question is a public event or a wedding. or for a very special occasion.
  • Allow you to see big loud with better effects something you will not find with consumer fireworks.
  • Flexibility in locations such as off boats or rooftops.
  • Professional display teams should be insured with a public liability.
  • They are ideal if you need to do other work, on that date, as a professional display team will do all the work needed to start and finish the show.

Consumer fireworks:
Here are some quick summaries to consumer fireworks, each one highlights what they are best used for, if one of them tick a box with you then these are your best options.

  • If you are on a low budget anything from a few pounds to a few hundred.
  • Ideal, For small family and friends gathering, in your back garden.
  • Consumer fireworks can be let off any time of the year, but only up to 11 pm.
  • Best for Bonfire night, New years. or if you need to get some midseason pyro.

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