Pyro Percussion Top Secret Drum Corps

Pyro Percussion Top Secret Drum Corps, the sounds of drums and pyro, mix very well. The point is proven with the big crowds at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

In Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, Wednesday 8th August 2018. The Top-Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland showed their mighty drumming skill set to pyro a first of its kind at this event. The precision marching and drumming, they traditionally do was taken to the next level and the crowds loved it.

Pyro Percussion Top Secret Drum Corps

Pyro Percussion Top Secret Drum Corps

Usually, the team offers new routines to there marching, and drums, to make the event very dynamic, and this year was improved to introduce pyrotechnics.

As you can see in the video below, just after 6 minutes and 6 seconds, they swap the drumstick to a special set and strike them and they light before hitting the drums. The Switzerland flag behind them gets thrown around, and sparks fly high and all in sync with the drums, truly amazing to watch.

Interesting fact, did you know, the drum-head or drum skin if you prefer. Is a type membrane stretched over the open ends of a drum. It is this what creates the drum sound when struck with a stick or by hand. A simple instrument, but is highly dynamic in sound, and as you can see in the video works very well with pyro.

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