Skycrafter Bonfire Celebration Selection Box Unboxing

The Skycrafter Bonfire Celebration selection box (Brothers’ budget range) is an entry-level selection comprising 18 small garden fireworks; 15 Fountains, 2 Roman Candles and 1 Catherine Wheel.

Value for money

The box was purchased for £11.99, however, I think a more realistic price for it would be between £15-20. The box contains just over 250g of Net Explosive, which is sold if not extraordinary.

It would be fairly good value for the lower £15 cost, however, for £20 or more, I think Bright Star’s Carnival selection would be a better value purchase.


The fireworks contained in the box are mostly the small, family-friendly variety with a large number of fountains, most of which are likely to be quieter items with maybe some crackle.

Inside Content of the Skycrafter Bonfire Celebration Selection Box

Only the Brilliant Butterflies fountain, which likely holds some whistles, would be particularly noisy. The Roman Candles should be the standard comet effects and the wheel just a basic pinwheel.

The Bonfire Celebration selection box requires very little setup time, a pot of soil and a post for the Catherine wheel should suffice to ensure a safe display.

The box is a CE Category F2 selection box, meaning the fireworks inside require an 8m safety distance, which makes the box suitable for most back gardens.


Overall this selection box is a fair value way to have some good back garden fun or a good starting point for a smaller display, add a few small rockets and a finale cake and you have a nice half an hour of fun for the kids, and the big kids amongst you.

Providing that you can pick it up for under £17 or so, it is a good option for those on lower budgets or a small out-of-season firing session or child’s birthday party.

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