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2018 Asda Fireworks Leaflet

With 3 weeks to go until seasonal sales start, Asda has released their fireworks leaflet for 2018. It includes “Must Haves”, “Essentials”, “Family Collection”, “Party Collection”, “Supreme Collection” and “Platinum Collection”. The video below contains more details on my personal opinions of the range. 2018 Asda Fireworks Leaflet Video Asda’s Must Haves: Enchanted Fountain –

Pyro Percussion Top Secret Drum Corps

Pyro Percussion Top Secret Drum Corps, the sounds of drums and pyro, mix very well. The point is proven with the big crowds at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. In Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, Wednesday 8th August 2018. The Top-Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland showed their mighty drumming skill set to pyro a first of its kind at this

How to Handle Bonfire Night Social Story

Bonfire night social story is a great way, to help your child to prepare for social interaction and for public events. I use a social story for my son, who sometime struggle to settle down at bedtime. But what about Bonfire night. My son, always obsess on fireworks, (Running around screaming, the word fireworks.) He get

How To Make Bonfire Night Autism-Friendly

We have come up with a list on How To Make Bonfire Night Autism-Friendly. Families across the UK will be joining in to celebrate bonfire night, this happens every 5th of November. But with families who have autism and learning difficulties sometimes choose not to celebrate this tradition, as this can cause anxiety and stress for

5 Reasons Why We Celebrate Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the 5th of November, it will be on Monday, 5 November. But what is bonfire night, Why do we celebrate it?, Well here is 5 Reasons Why We Celebrate Bonfire Night. It is also known as Guy Fawkes Night and Fireworks night, But traditionally, we call it bonfire night, You would have been

Firework Stores West Midlands

Take a look at our guide of firework shops that can be found in West Midlands. If we have missed any shops, or you are new to open up this season, please let us know. Firework Shops in Herefordshire Firework Factors Address: Pegs Farm, Ledbury, HR8 1NQ Tel: 01531 640 475 The Balloon Display Company & Party Shop Address:

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2018

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2018 marks the 10th running of the DIFF event, starting from Sunday 29th April – Monday 30th June. 8 spectacular fireworks teams will demonstrate yet again skills that will fill the sky with magic. The theme this year is ‘The Legend of Bridges’. Diff for short is a world-class cultural and

How to Create an Event for Your Local Display

Adding a Bonfire and Fireworks Display is a great way to promote your local annual show, it also helps you improve your visibility on the social network and other places, to create a public event. Click Firework Displays – (PC: Just above this post. Mobile: Press the three lines top left.) Click Create an event –

Malta International Fireworks Festival 17th Edition 2018

Malta International Fireworks Festival will be in its 17th addition, starting from Saturday 21st, Friday 27th and Monday 30th of April 2018. It is a friendly rivalry, where expert crews from all around the world get their pyro and gear ready to impress you and judges by making the most glorious firework display. Sort by The Ministry for

What’s New on Seasonal Traditions Seasonal Forum

The Seasonal Traditions Forum is a joint community of Halloween, Fireworks and Christmas. With many varied threads, We fully welcome everyone of all level of experience. Mods/Members are always happy to help with budgets, DIY and much more. Registration is 100% free. Use this direct link to the forum and also for bookmarking: Seasonal Forum