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Northamptonshire Fireworks Displays Round Up 2019

Looking for a bonfire and fireworks display in Northamptonshire or it’s local Borough, this bonfire night 2019? Check out our guide! Why not come and join us on the┬áSeasonal Forum. Where you can find more events in Northamptonshire, and deals from our sponsors, with help from our excellent community. Northamptonshire Firework Displays Round Up 2019

Staffordshire Fireworks Displays Round Up 2019

Enjoy Staffordshire finest Bonfire Night firework displays for 2019, here is our guide to all the exciting events happening this Guy Fawkes Night, Weather its a jolly meet up or a family get-together these events will be ideal for a traditional night out. Why not come and join us on the Seasonal Forum. Where you can

10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Sparklers

Sparklers are a hand-held firework that burns slowly, they can be made vertical, or be themed, such as Halloween bats and ghosts. Adults and children at UK local bonfire and firework displays, often use sparklers, when allowed, But mostly when celebrating the 5th they are used at home, They are also used on Independence Day,