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How Firework Rockets Work

Firework Rockets are, in short, simple in design. A union of a typical firework aerial shell on top of a motor, that propels it into the sky. Mainly, when the fuse burns, the sparks ignite the rocket composition inside the motor casing. This makes enough trail of sparks to lift the entire firework, with the help

How Catherine Wheel Fireworks Work

Catherine Wheel Fireworks is a disk with Gerbs (fountains) attached. In short, These make it spin when fixed to a post. How Catherine Wheel Fireworks Work Catherine Wheels, are unique but simple design. Rocket-like thrusters, Gerbs (fountains) sit around the border. Each tube offers a thrust and sparks effect. Spinning the wheel fast around. In most

How Firework Cakes & Multi-Shots Work

Firework Cakes & Multi-Shots are, in short, a bunch of small tubes chained together. A typical collection of shot tubes. How Firework Cakes & Multi-Shots Work Fusing chained together within the lifting charge. Each tube propels a preloaded aerial shell what holds the effect, into the air. A diagram showing a typical 25 shot cake from the