The Range Fireworks Brochure 2020

Here is this years look at a brochure from a the range. Our popular user DuskyFuse was able to get hold of the Fireworks brochure 2020 from The Range, and goes through it in the video below.

The Range Fireworks Brochure 2020 Video

Like last year, there are some interesting pieces to buys, The 2020 catalogue shows varied pyro from Bright star. With the some interesting 1.3g selections, and other fireworks including fountains and cakes, selection boxes and much more.

Brochure Image

The Range Fireworks Brochure 2020 Front page
The range Front page describing half price or less
Second page of the range brochure
Second page of the range brochure showing 12 selection boxes by bright star.
Range brochure page 3
This page showing various barrage packs, Fountains, Roman candles and wheels.
Multi-shot brochure page 4
Multi-shot brochure page 4 showing a mixture of 200 and 30 shot barrages. Varied prices across the range.
Multi-shot brochure page 5
9 mutli-shot cakes feature on page 5 with different shots, and prices.
Mines and roman candles page 6
Mines and roman candles sparklers, Quite a few items on this page at different prices, and ideal for addons at home bonfire displays.
Page 7 shows 10 different barrages with different effects and prices along with their performance information box.
Page 8 shows 6 big barrages at varied prices and some old time names.
 9th page shows 4 big barrages with varied shots and effects, along with information and prices.
The range barrages page 10
The range barrages page 10 shows elite 3 barrages with a great mixture of effects and prices to follow.
page 11 shows 5 1.4g rocket packs all of them with mixed effects each image shows their performce.
rocket page 12 shows 4 rocket packs with varied effects, and price’s to suit most.
Rocket page 13 shows again 4 big rocket packs all with different effects.
14th page moves on to 1.3g rockets, some novelty’s and old timers.
the 15th page moves on 4 big bundles available through the range, with varied products.
This is the back of the Range firework brochure 2020

Wrapping up!.

For super quick access to other firework leaflets, see our supermarket fireworks leaflet section, that shows all the upcoming fireworks from major stores.

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Bonfire Night Traditions are in no way, paid or sponsored to show the range brochure, we have done this post to share the love of fireworks.

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