The Range Fireworks Brochure 2019

Here is our first look at a brochure from a major chain. Our long term user DuskyFuse was lucky enough to get his hands on the brand-new fireworks brochure 2019 from The Range.

The Range Fireworks Brochure 2019 Video

There were a few interesting surprises, The catalogue shows much-varied fireworks from Bright star. With the introduction of 1.3g rockets compounds and selection boxes, including varied fountains and cakes. and much more.

Brochure Image

Front Page of The Range Brochure.
Front Page of The Range Brochure 2019.
Page 1 of 2 Of The Brochure
Showing 12 Bright Star Fireworks, 2 Barrage Packs, 1 Catherine wheel, 2 Roman candles, 3 Fountains.
Page 3 - 4 Of The Range Catalogue.
Showing 2 Mines with 3 more Roman Candles, Not forgetting the 5 sparklers ranging from 49p to £1.24p, and a page dedicated to 10 Multi-shot Barrage. (The cheapest Oriental Star Barrage £2.99 to the Mixed Cake Barrage at £10.99).
Page 5 - 6 The Range Fireworks Multi - Shot Barrages.
Page 5 showing 8 barrages, the cheapest item is the  Phantom Strike Barrage prices at £11.49 and Screaming Wild Barrage priced at £11.99. Page 6 showing 9 Multi-shot cakes, the expensive on this page Priced at £39.99.
Page 7 - 8 of the Brochure
This page counts 6 Multi-shot barrages, The Comic Chaos is priced at £39.99, being the cheapest on this section. While page 8 counts 6 Barrages With Oblivion being expensive in this section priced at £79.99.
Page 9 - 10 Multi Shot Barrages and Rockets.
We move onto Page 9, counting 4 Huge Barrage, With rolling thunder twin barrage priced at £89.99 to the Immortal triple barrage at £119.99. the rocket page 10, counts 6 rockets packs. Starting with the delta force pack at £2.99 all the way up to Trail blazer rockets at £8.99.
Page 11 - 12 The rockets
Page 11 counts 4 rocket packs and page 12 another 4 huge selection of rocket packs. Including both pages, cheapest starts with the critical hit Rockets at £9.99 and the expensive, the 30 pack supreme rockets at £49.99.
Page 13 - 14 Rockets and Bundles.
The rocket pages count 4 packs, and if you didn’t notice the popular packs are in. Flying pigs and Silly Cow, Spooky spirits and War Hawks. All 1.3g rockets, pricing from 12.49 to £19.99.

Wrapping up!.

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