Things to consider when having wedding fireworks

Weddings are one of your best milestone in life that you will want to remember every year. So it just fits to settle a great day with something very magical and spectacular. And as such fireworks are a very much great way to do this.

Hire A-Team or Play The Pro

This is going to be one display where dedicated planning is needed. This is not going to be your regular back garden display. With the importance of the occasion, you may need to choose on hiring a professional firework display company.

Things to consider when having wedding fireworks

Wedding Fireworks displays take a lot of planning, taking on board the safety and the fireworks needed for a successful display. If you are involved with the wedding itself do you have the time needed to make this display work? setting up the display itself can take hours and do you have friends and family member wanting to help clean up after your wedding?. Let’s be honest, they will all be dressed up to see you both get married.

You may also need to consider how experienced you are, this display will be an important one where you don’t want mess up. If you are still choosing to go down the DIY road you will need to know if the wedding venue allows fireworks. Most reception venues do not allow the use of firework displays, so this is why it would be a good idea to ask, and the ones that do allow fireworks will only accept if a professional firework company is doing the display for you.

So ideally a professional wedding firework display Companies will have many safety and ideal procedures for the wedding display. Such as a professional company will have a group of teams setting up the display, they will run through the firing order to make sure your wedding fireworks will look the part. And this one of the big bonus, they will have the team clear up all the fireworks after the show. But one big major thing you will need for a wedding display and that is the insurance, all professional fireworks companies should be fully legally insured for this kind of displays, this is why a wedding venue will most likely only allow you have a display.

Setting up, firing a firework display is a big job, and this is especially on your wedding night. are you sure you want to add more work the jobs you are already doing, That being said and with any display you do, big firework display should only be done if you are well informed about what to do from the very beginning?

Ideal Wedding Fireworks Displays Cost

Now we have established to why a professional wedding fireworks display company might be best for your wedding. Now you will need to consider the price, for all these features of labour, having the firework made, setting up the display, firing it, and cleaning up. and the price would include ending your special day with something special to remember for years to come.

Expect the price to be higher if you wish to add extras such as if you are wanting a musical wedding fireworks display, an ideal 5-minute musical show will cost between £800 – £1500. If you have chosen well the prices don’t look too scary when you consider factors mentioned above. and if you are very lucky, Some deals could always be made to help with the cost of keeping with the budget.

Lance work is another extra you could add to your wedding package, a budget around these gems are between £100 – £300. they can be ideal at the end of the show or at the beginning, but having words with the professional team and see what would work best with the page you may choose for your wedding.

For a decent 5 – 6 minute show and the ideal price, you will be looking at around £500 – £900. Budget to around these prices and don’t make any rushed decisions and always browse as many wedding firework company’s as you can, to see what will be on offer for each package. One tip to watch out for when you are choosing a display is that longer displays can contain the same value of firework with shorter ones as these are finned out with smaller items that will make the wedding display a lot worse.

Before any choice should be made with a firework company, Have a talk with the venue in choice, as they may have requirements in regards to the wedding fireworks display itself.

Doing Wedding Fireworks Yourself

Wanting to do the wedding fireworks display yourself, Now this is where the work begins, you will need to double prepare yourself for the work needed for a private display.

  • First things first pull a meeting with the groom and bride, For ideas to what they want for the wedding display. Do they want is quite or a mixture, Ask them what time they want the display to start.
  • Make sure you can have fireworks at the wedding venue, and if they have requirements to meet. Such as low noise or other things. You will need to make sure there is enough room for the fallout area and spectators to see the display, you will also need to make sure the sky is clear of overhead obstructions. This would also be a good time to ask the venue the options from the groom and bride will be ok.
  • Get written permission from landowners so there is no going back on their word on the night. so everything is above board and legal. This would also be a good time to get firework insurance, as this would be written down on the agreement you and the land owner make and sign.
  • The above and beyond planning starts, you will definitely need access to the venue, way in advance, ask for key for any locked locations needed, and make sure you get permission to use transport where needed. Make a list of jobs for the team needed, for this job. Such as who’s in charge of crowd control. Make sure the job is clear to them and what they will have to do.
  • You will need to make sure there are barriers to keep people behind where you don’t want them. Think to inform the local authority’s, such as the police and the local fire station of the wedding display in question.
  • And always make sure you have the contact details of everyone who involved, special the landowner, venues, bride and groom, and anyone else you may need to be contacted for in an emergency.

Choosing The Right Wedding Fireworks

So what firework do you really need at weddings? what type of wedding fireworks are suitable for everyone? What you have to remember, they maybe kids and adults that don’t like big bangs, so these are the things you need to take into consideration when buying fireworks for the big wedding display.

Depending on if there are any requirements from the wedding venue, you will need fireworks appropriate to the size, such as avoid display rockets if you have a small fallout area, But if you have a wide open venue you will need to focus on big fireworks such as big cakes with more effect and fanned cakes that are very good to make a display look spectacular.

Find out what guests will be attending, Like children so you might need to consider buying mixed loud and low noise fireworks, You can always take your requirements to a firework shop and you will be given advice on suitable firing order if you do have mixed noise effects.

Consider the time and date of this wedding fireworks display, If it’s late at night, and it’s out of the firework season, You most probably need to do a wedding display that needs to be quieter or shorter than the average display, all this would depend on the venue is in a remote area or not.

One thing to keep in your mind when buying your wedding fireworks, It will be for the bride and groom and it’s meant to end their special night with style. take their choices into consideration before buying anything.

Make sure you have all the equipment for the night, a bonus if you have a team of fires, (If you do manage to find a 2-3 man team, make sure you give clear instructions when and how to fire when required, and that’s their responsibility that lies with them.) One good way to make sure everyone knows what they are doing correctly is to write it all down and give them the job description for them only. The more people helping the less stress and work you will need to do on the day.

Also remember, people will be all dressed up, so this will not be a good idea for coloured or standard sparklers.

Lets Get Things Started

In what order do you fire?, Well that all depends on what its liked most, There are traditional ways of firing fireworks at display, (Starting loud and end loud) but then people are getting more creative, another possible way is to build up on to the loud, start with low noise and work your way too loud. Ideally, and as mentioned above, take all your ideas and requirements to a firework shop and take some tips suggestions from them.

For a real idea to what type of firework are available on the UK market, take a look at our type of firework section. These guides will tell you about each firework and best way to light them.

Here are some quick tips to what to keep in mind when you DIY a wedding firework display:

  • Choose appropriate fireworks tailored around what the groom and bride, even the venue require.
  • Keep the wedding fireworks display duration appropriate no more than 5-6 minutes. You don’t want to be there all night.
  • Make sure everyone know what they are doing during the firing procedure.
  • Keep everything in flow, The effect noise, making sure everything is short and sweet.
  • Adding the smallest items such as fountains and other items may improve the display. but don’t go overboard.
  • Experiment with planning your wedding fireworks, and not just too uniform. Remember people like a wow factor in the display, And giving them the uniqueness in this will make it more special for everyone.

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