New For 2018 – Whistle Mix Pop 27 Shot Cake

Introducing the Whistle Mix Pop 27 Shot Cake, the Sonic sound effects, just like the Humming Hornets. 27 shot Cake brings back the whizz and skip. The effects include spinners, crackles, screamers, and even some tailed crackles.

New For 2018 – Whistle Mix Pop 27 Shot Cake

New For 2018 – Whistle Mix Pop 27 Shot Cake

If you have little children at a party or you want to bring something different, this cake with cost you £9.98, not a bad price for any party. The Specifications are as follows.

The price will only give you 1, It is a 27 shot fan cake, with an Approx Duration of 23 Sec, the dimensions are 12cm x 12cm x 12cm, with a reasonable Bore Size of 20mm, its acclaimed Noise Rating is 5/10, and is classed as 1.4G and the Safety Distance is 25 Metres.

Whistle Mix Pop 27 Shot Cake Video

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