Bonfire Night Heat Map

Using the BFNT data firework displays listed in our directory, The Heat map shows how popular fireworks night is around the UK.

As you can see south is mainly the most popular. You can type you postcode or town, the heat ring will show you roughly how popular display is in your local area.

Every time we receive a firework event submission It automatically adds to the map. Please allow up to 24/48 hours for the data to be shown.

Bonfire Night also known as Guy Fawkes Night, Is the best British tradition that has been and still is celebrated for more than 400 years, and bring back nostalgic memories to a lot of people are fond of.

Looking to explore bonfire night? and what are all the requirements are behind fireworks? the little tutorials will help you through the history of the plot leading you to how to properly set up consumer fireworks.