Buying Fireworks

Buying Fireworks Despite what is flying around everywhere, it is perfectly OK to purchase fireworks from a firework shop any time of the year. And set them off any day of the year as long as you follow the firework laws.

If you are new when it comes to buying firework from a firework company. You will be surprised how many fireworks company are around and how cheap most of them are. Fireworks are not just a one-off buy from a supermarket. They are sold for many other occasions.

It’s good practice to remember. Whenever or whatever your occasion is. Firework shops should be your first choice. They can be cheaper. And you can get value for your money.

Fireworks Shops

Why buy from fireworks shops

A firework retailer, Have a bigger and better range of fireworks products, and by no doubt give better advice for a DIY display for your occasion. Here are some key points of what a firework shop can offer when it comes to buying fireworks from them.

  • Have a wide range of fireworks.
  • Have a much better understanding of safety – Fireworks laws and regulations.
  • Firework shops have detailed information for each firework – Video, Pictures, effects.
  • Some firework shops, offer personal experience on how to set up your DIY.

Buying Fireworks Guide Epic

Finding A Firework Shop

Back back in 2008 Seasonal Traditions was formerly known as The Firework Shop List, And the idea behind it was to build a free easy to access firework directory. The directory still works today and you can find it here (Firework Directory). The idea is so you can find a firework shop in your local town.

Or you can find seasonal sponsors dotted around the site. But when it comes to asking questions about buying fireworks. Then best place is to try the (Seasonal Forum). if a shop isn’t listed on the directory or the shops you found through the seasonal adverts are not local. Then ask in the forum. The community would be more than happy to try pointing to a shop close to you.

Professional Firework Displays

Professional displays Are designed for big display events, It takes the handling out of buying fireworks and lighting them. They are ideal for big events such as Weddings, Celebrating.

In many cases, Firework companies now offer both display packages and retail fireworks. But you will find in most cases companies just specialise in the pro display side itself. You will mostly find display companies with no office. Only a form of contact through a website.

Why buy from Professional companies

Professional companies are by no means cheap. Is it is good to think before buying fireworks? Anything under £500 than considers going to a firework shop. But a budget over, It is ideal to think Professional. But then know you would need to think where you’re having the display. If it is a public firework display or a wedding. You will need to confirm with the venue first before going to any firework company.

Here are some key points of what you should look for.

  • Make sure they are insured for public liability – If it’s not stated or shown on a website, Then ask.
  • Ask for a portfolio of their work – don’t be reluctant to ask for this, if they have a social media page, they profile most of their work on them.
  • Explore their training
  • What is their safety records

You will mostly find displays companies sell their packages a duration basis. Most displays Now can start from £400 or more. So it is best to shop around. Search for the cheapest long duration, but keeping in mind their experience and feedback. And most of all everything you have read above.

Supermarket Fireworks

Lidl Fireworks, Supermarket offers, are small and cheap compared to firework shops.

This is a touchy subject to many firework enthusiasts, But what it bottles down to are these. There are good and bad points. If you cannot afford firework shop prices. Then supermarket fireworks are your only options If you want to be part of bonfire night.

If you do decide to buy fireworks from supermarkets, then it’s a very good idea to browse around the forum. Many people now buy from firework shops and supermarkets. So it’s good to see what supermarkets do decent fireworks. For the past few years, Lidl has been a  very much popular supermarket for the sale of fireworks. And this says something about supermarkets trying to get their feet under the table.

Let’s not forget supermarkets are only in it for the profit, so when they use big hype words don’t fall into buying fireworks from them. It’s good to ask questions on the forum browse around the web. A good rule of thumb is budget if you have a budget of £50 it’s ideal for shopping in supermarkets.

Key Factors When Buying Fireworks

  • Only buy fireworks that are marked British Standards BS7114 or its EU equivalent.
  • Make sure the fireworks are intact and undamaged.
  • Buy port fires this will save you time and give you safety when lighting fireworks.
  • When buying fireworks. Always shop around, Try not fall for the first base deal you see.
  • Ask questions, get involved, see what the best and see what to avoid.
  • Always Follow the Firework Code

Further information

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