CE Marking Fireworks Guide

CE Marked Fireworks Safety Distances, On the 4th July 2010, The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2010 came into force, This requires all fireworks Sold in the United Kingdom must carry a CE mark. What’s more the transitional period for all fireworks that conform to BS 7114 and what was made prior to 3rd July 2010, can still be sold prior to 4th July 2017.

Who does this affect?

Retailers and wholesalers who sell fireworks on and there after 4th july 2017 will have to be marked CE. It will be illegal for all traders not to carry the CE mark from this time. All fireworks that are marked BS7114 and are still in stock from this date, would have to be destroyed at their expense.

Consumers have a better wide variety of fireworks with a different safety distance labels. This means all ce marked fireworks are with a more closer distance than your traditional standard BS 7114 mark.


CE Marked Fireworks Safety Distances

Below is a recommendation guide to what distance you should stand when lighting fireworks. This guide is not an official, but more of common sense to lighting CE marked fireworks. This complies with bath cat 2 and cat 3 (1.4g – 1.3g) Fireworks.

CE Marked – 8 metres our recommended distance for Cat 2 fireworks would be 15 metres or 20 metres, This would ensure you can view the full effect of the fireworks safely.

CE Marked – 15 Metres on the nature of fireworks and although the fireworks are marked 15 metres, it would be our recommendation and more common sense, fireworks are viewed at a distance greater than 20 metres.

CE Marked – 25 Metres can be viewed at the full CE Marked recommendation.

The above guide is seasonal traditions recommendations only, we have not had any official dealings to make the above guide. It would be down to you the consumer to safely light fireworks and we will not take any responsibility for any damages or injury that may occur when you the consumer use fireworks. As expected always follow the firework code.