Past Present Guy Fawkes Effigies

Past Present Guy Fawkes Effigies Why do we still burn Guy Fawkes Effigies? A common question around, why do we celebrate bonfire night? Is it the sheer fun of it, or, to keep the much needed British tradition going.

It is obvious every year millions of families celebrate this tradition, along with community’s holding annual fireworks displays, and school children making effigies for bonfires.

Past Present Guy Fawkes Effigies Street Life in London, 1877, by John Thomson and Adolphe Smith:

let us take a look at who has in the past and who made present effigies, A sum of pure fun, or, do we all have a secret, that Nobody needs to know.

Past Present Guy Fawkes Effigies

It all began with Guy Fawkes, over hundreds of years we have all made one, Built with hay straw or old newspaper stuffed into old rags, with custom made hats and other features. between 1940 and 1970 A common sight into wheelbarrows, and children knocking on doors shouting penny for a guy, that would allow enough funds to buy fireworks.

Guy Fawkes Effigies
Built from 1650 to present day. Among bonfire societies and schools, and family homes.
Pope Paul V Effigie
Pope Paul V More popular with bonfire societies, one could argue, the pope has been built from the same time has guy fawkes.
Paul Kruger Effigie
Paul Kruger Was a President of the South African Republic. No date can be exact to when this effigy was built.
Nicholas I of Russia Effigie
Nicholas I of Russia 1850 and 1862 was turned into an effigy.
Wilhelm II Effigie
Wilhelm II no records at the time of publishing could find the date of him being an Effigy.

You can find images of past and present Edenbridge Bonfire society set here.

Political Effigies

Political MPs in the UK, including foreign leaders, have made their debuts to being effigies, Below is a list of all that have been one including from the past to present.

Osama bin Laden Effigie
2001 saw Cliffe burn a hufe effigie of him. Celebrating with massive fireworkjs displays at the end.
Saddam Hussein Effigie
1990 was viewed as an effigy, and then again in 2003 by edenbridge bonfire society.
Alex Salmond Effigie
in 2014 saw Lewes bonfire socity with an effigy of Alex Salmond
Margaret Thatcher Effigie
Mining village Goldthorpe in 2013 horse-drawn, with an open coffin housing an effigy of the ex-prime minister, was paraded through the village, Edward Heath – Margaret Thatcher was made to an effigy in 1975 and Margaret Thatcher & Arthur Scargill was as an effigy in 1984, in regards to the mining closures.
Tony Blair Effigie
in 2004 edenbridge made an effigy out of Tony Blair.
Cherie Blair Effigie
2007 Saw again edenbridge made an effigy out of Cherie Blair.
John Prescott Effigie
2005 was John Edenbridge year. the Deputy Prime Minister was Edenbridge Bonfire Society target.
David Cameron Effigie
In 2010 he was first mad einto an effigy, in 2015, saw Lewes Bonfire night celebrations, setting alight A giant effigy of a naked David Cameron with a pig’s head.
Jacques Chirac Effigie
Jacques Chirac, French President not as popular with the British, the An effigy was set alight in 1995
Gordon Brown Effigie
Ripon Gunpowder Plot in 2009 set alight an Gordon Brown effigy.
Vladimir Putin Effigie
Lewes in Sussex, made 2 effigys of putin in 2014.
Bashar al-Assad Effigie
was seen and set alignt in 2013 at lewes bonfire parade.
Kim Jong-un Effigie
Again in 2013 lewes did a effigy of a baby verstion of Kim.
Angela Merkel Effigie
In 2012 Angela Merkel was shown flying high, making a Hitler salute including crushing the Parthenon.