Past Present Guy Fawkes Effigies

Muammar Gaddafi Effigie
lewes gave him a staring role, in 2011 Libya’s ex-leader Col.
George W Bush Effigie
Another Past Present Guy Fawkes Effigies 2005 saw a massive top hat and elongated face parading through lewes.
Charles Clarke Effigie
again in 2005 he made is effigy debut, at lewes bonfire parade.
John Major & Neil Kinnock Effigie
1991, John Major & Neil Kinnock made hielight, by becoming effigy.
José Manuel Barroso Effigie
2014 Saw An effigy of president of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso at edenbridge bonfire society, Thousands saw him burn.

Celebrities Effigies

Even celebrities have become effigy, Out of pure fun, these are built to mock of their past experience among their actions, a fun thing to see and no harm intended. Guy Fawkes Night or if you will, bonfire night, has become a custom to mocking people actions, Among popular Bonfire societies.

Lance Armstrong Effigie
Edenbridge made an effigy of Lance Armstrong in 2012, and was set alight.
Mario Balotelli Effigie
Past Present Guy Fawkes Effigies, Kent edenbridge bonfire socity in 2011 along with fireworks go up in flames.
Wayne Rooney Effigie
in 2010 edenbridge built an 49ft effigy of Wayne Rooney
Katie Price Effigie
katie didnt exscape, she was made into a 27-ft in 2009 and set alight that night, with thousands of people cheering, to the flames and wow at the fireworks.
Jonathan Ross Effigie
In 2008 even Jonathan didnt escape being turned into a effigy at edenbridge bonfire socity.
Captain James Hewitt Effigie
Edenrbidge Past Present Guy Fawkes Effigies saw in 1994 James Hewitt asn an effigy.
FIFA President Sepp Blatter Effigie
in 2015 and to celebrate with joy of bonfire night, Sepp Blatter effigy paraded through Lewes streets.
Katie Hopkins Effigie
2013 saw edenbridge make an 30ft effigy of the outspoken TV personality and ex-Apprentice contestant.
Jeremy Clarkson ffigie
2015 Saw Lewes parade the streets with Jeremy Clarkson to celebrate bonfire night.