Firework Beginners

Firework Beginners Start Here: If you have been following our lesson from bonfire night beginner’s guide, and you want to expand your knowledge of fireworks or you are simply don’t really know what you’re looking for with fireworks, maybe you are want to brush up on your firework skills, or even come across some jargon. This Firework Beginners guide will help you through every step.

Lesson 1: Buying Fireworks

Let’s first start with buying fireworks. This topic would be the first thing on your mind when you want to impress at a special event. Ideally, you can buy fireworks for any occasions such as Weddings parties, but one event that always seems to take prime when it comes to fireworks and that is Bonfire night.


This Buying Fireworks Guide will suggest options you have when it comes to buying fireworks.

Lesson 2: Professional Fireworks or DIY

Following from lesson 1, Now you know the options where to buy fireworks, But the question you need to ask yourself. Do you hire a professional team to fire your fireworks at an event, or do you Do it yourself.

Professional Fireworks or DIY Article explains the 2 options you have and the cost between them both.

If you do it yourself:

After reading the above guide and you are doing a display yourself, especially for weddings, as it with being a special occasion all aspects need to be covered, insurance, cost the workers.

Wedding Fireworks Guide explain all the topics you need to cover when doing a fireworks display.

Lesson 3: The different types of fireworks

When it comes to buying fireworks, you will be presented with 9 categories, Below is the list of guide to each of these firework categories that are available to buy from any UK fireworks retailer.

Firework Categories:

Cakes / Barrages
Catherine Wheel’s
Indoor fireworks
Roman Candles
Selection Boxes

Alternatively, you can view the types of fireworks index page of the above fireworks, with little snippet description for each on.

Lesson 4: What are the Legal Firework Storage?

When buying fireworks you have to make sure you are storing fireworks legally, Finding and knowing how much is essential.

The Transport and Packaging article explain where exactly you stand.

Lesson 5: Fireworks Categories and Classifications

1.3G and 1.4G. or you have seen Category 2 or Category 3. Either term, have been used in shops and online. it can get confusing when you first start out buying fireworks.

This Firework Classifications article explains the difference between them.

Lesson 6: What are the firework laws?

Now you have covered the basics fireworks, Now it world be worth reading the law regarding letting off fireworks. This page is a must read as so many people get the information mixed up.

The Firework Laws & Regulations guide explores, the times you can set off fireworks, and what you need to know when buying fireworks in shops, or online.

Lesson 7: The Firework Code

This is something you should already know, taught in schools and the poster is seen on TV, online and very much anywhere what sells fireworks. Being safe than sorry is the utmost ideal thing to do.

This Firework Code article explains and guides you into every aspect of the code.

Lesson 8: Firework Beginners The next step

If you come to this page from the Bonfire Night Beginners guide you can go back to it here. and brush up and revise everything you have read so far.

Want to start buying fireworks, look over our directory Found Here.

I hope you enjoyed this Firework Beginners guide. If you still have any questions or wish to discuss your fireworks lessons further, join the best and active seasonal forum in the UK. Where members would be more than happy to discuss any questions that might have been raised.