Firework Classifications

Looking to buy fireworks or a display package, Below is a guide to what you will find when reading descriptions.

Category 1, 2, 3 and 4 Firework Classifications

Firework Classifications 2 and Category 3. Are those available in your Local fireworks retailers shop? And which are on sale to the public. A typical consumer firework. Will fall into either of those two categories depending on just how much of a safety distance it takes.

Category 1

Category 1 fireworks are the ones with a minimal hazard. This classification is usually given to indoor fireworks. Such as Ice Fountains, indoor sparklers.

Category 2

Category 2 fireworks are also known as. Garden Fireworks, They require the smallest distance of 5 meters. However, you may see a large number of fireworks In the coming years. which are classified to new EU/EN expectations and the safety distance will then be 8 meters.

Category 2 fireworks

Category  3

Category  3 fireworks which are generally known as display fireworks. Require the greatest distance which is, 25 meters in accordance to British Standards fireworks classified. Once again it is more than likely in the next coming years. You will see many fireworks classified to the new EU/EN standards. And although the fireworks themselves still a category 3. They may have a different safety distance of the particular label. For example 15 meters.

Category 3 fireworks

Category 4 – Professional use only!

These can be Aerial shells and Chinese crackers other such items. These items are banned from public sales, and can only be bought with a license or to undergo training. Many categories 4 fireworks are supplied with no fuss and are extremely dangerous to the untrained.

Category 4 fireworks  

CE marking

Is a new legislation that started in 2010 but has to be fully implemented on all firework stock by 2017, The CE marking is primarily the manufacturer’s responsibility. It confirms that a ‘Notified Body’ has been tested and that the explosive conforms to the relevant European standard and meets essential safety requirements.