Brentwood Centre Firework Display


Brentwood Centre Firework Display

Brentwood Centre Firework Display, With the nights drawing in. It is time to set up the funfair and the allow the ambient autumn to begin.

Essential Details at a glance

  • Date: Friday, 3 November, 2017.
  • Price: Tickets
  • Time: Gates 3.00 pm.
  • Location: Directions

Brentwood Centre Firework Display Description:

The gates open at 3 pm allowing a few hours of kids and adult to enjoy the funfair packed with rides.

The First firework display will commence at 6.30pm and the Second display at 8.45pm. Bar and food will be available on the night.

You are sure to keep warm and the kids happy during the annual display.

The display area will be taped off, from the public to ensure no one can go near the fireworks. Safety is a must at the display.


Please do not bring any consumer fireworks, such as you sparklers or sky lanterns, or any other fireworks. You will be asked to leave if any fireworks are found.

Please follow any safety advice that is given at the Brentwood Centre Firework Display, to ensure a fun night ahead.

remember remember Brentwood Centre Firework Display

If any concerns do arrive please tell someone at the gates or stalls.

The weather can be very unpredictable on the night, please wear appropriate footwear and clothing, such as a coat etc.

Only bring valuable items you are going to use at the Brentwood Centre Firework event.

Furthermore, Tickets will be £5 in advance buying, But remember if you purchase at the gate on the night, it will cost £6.

Posters will highlight where to buy near the time you will find them in you local authority and community centres.

Finally, To ensure the firework display is still happening, or if you have any concerns, to use the contact details above before setting out.



  1. Stacey manning on

    Hello I’m co organiser of the brentwood center firework display, just to let you know the dates for this event are changed to the 29th October, thanks stacey manning ( on behalf of Mannings and bowdens funfairs)

  2. itis ridiculous to have bonfire night on29 oct it isnt even november. Stick to the real date or dont do it at all.

    • Sometimes display, fall on dates the week before or week after, as the firework company may not be able to do it on the date.

      • Yeah because we don’t know when fireworks night is and can’t book it in advance can we. Poor planning we won’t be coming.

      • Yes because we don’t know when fireworks night is and can’t book it in advance can we. Poor planning we won’t be coming.

  3. What a stupid day to have firework night is November 5th what’s wrong with who ever organised it what a complete *censored*!!!!!!

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