Northamptonshire Bonfire Night

Northamptonshire Bonfire Night on Bonfire Night Traditions, a hobby site built out of passion and love for fireworks, We feel this gives us a duty in providing guides to firework displays that are keeping with tradition for family and friends.

Northamptonshire Bonfire Night

We have gone out to cover Northamptonshire to bring you a roundup of all the local bonfire and firework events, that happen during Guy Fawkes Night and New Years.

Our work is a labour of love. Each and every year we try bringing you all the firework displays that are happening locally in Northamptonshire.

But it doesn’t have to stop there, we encourage you to let us know if you have seen or know an event is happening in your local community.

Simply visit our Seasonal Forum. Introduce yourself and what event you know, and we can add it to our guide. If you are wanting to buy fireworks, we have quite a few sponsors who will be more then happy to help.

Northamptonshire Bonfire Night Local Guides

Winwick Firework Displays

Sat, 18 Sept

Charity Fireworks and Film Show
Bruce Green is a dedicated philanthropist and for many years has donated to lots of local charities in Northamptonshire. Being an avid film buff and with a desire to share this passion with…Read more on TicketSource

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