Thornes Park Bonfire and Firework display


Thornes Park Fireworks Display 2017

Thornes Park Bonfire and Fireworks is set to be one of the biggest display Wakefield council yet.

Essential Details at a glance

  • Date: Event is Cancelled for 2017. – 2018 TBC
  • Price: Free
  • Time: Gates 6.00 pm.
  • Location: Directions

Thornes Park Bonfire and Fireworks Description:
In summary, Every year thousands attend to see their favorite tradition.

Celebrating with a huge bonfire and a fantastic fireworks show.

The gates are expected to be open at 6 pm. this will be followed up by the bonfire at around 7 pm. With the grand ending of the fireworks at 8 pm.

Traditionally the competition for the best Guy Fawkes on stage at with prizes for the successful entries.

There will be plenty of funfair rides. in addition, food stalls and hot drink stands.


Furthermore, you are sure to enjoy a good old time during the event.

Parking will be limited, No parking at Thornes Park Stadium or Wakefield College.

However, consider using public services or share a ride, contact ahead if you are unsure of parking situations.

The event takes the interest of safety seriously, and you are asked not to bring any alcohol, Consumer fireworks.

In short, do not bring any animals, unless they are service dogs. if you bring children to keep a watchful eye on then.

Guy Fawkes at Thornes Park

With the event taking place on a field, you are urged to wear suitable footwear such as boots, or wellies. and also to wear warm clothing like a waterproof coat.

Furthermore, wear warm clothing like a waterproof coat.

Please only bring valuable items you are going to need to use at thrones Park firework display, Make sure your items are locked up safely.

Particular areas of Thornes park will be restricted. For instance, this is to ensure everyone is safe during the event.

Finally, Always follow safety advice on the night.



  1. On 23 September 2016, the Wakefield Express reported that the Bonfire and Fireworks display wouldn’t be on due to financial cuts. It seemed clear that it wouldn’t be on this year. Is someone else running it?

    • Hi, Natalie i am just confirming this as i type to you. I will reply soon as i get confirmation from the council themselves.

    • This is the reply i got from the council.

      ‘The bonfire event in Thornes Park will no longer be run by the Council. We know some residents will be disappointed.
      But rising costs and huge financial pressures caused by budget cuts of over £146million, means that we have has been forced to stop holding the event, which would have cost £35,000 this year.
      Earlier this year the Council sought to find an organisation willing to take over the running of the bonfire event, but was unable to do so.’ Thanks, Curtis

    • There don’t seem to be any other firework display in the area, that we know of. My suggestion would be to DIY display from Lidl or from a retail firework shop, the best option. The or do some cracking deals. If you do buy from these shop please don’t forget to mention us.

  2. just be careful after standing in the cold last year , they didnt light the fire works because there was a breeze blowing and it was a breeze but they dont tell you till the last minute so you spend your money on everything else thats going on , we were really dissappointed so not going this year as it forcast windy conditions today and this evening .

      • So annoyed with Wakefield council! I’ve just rechecked the original poster i read on line a couple of days ago advertising the bonfire n firework display & just found n read the comments here.

        Me & the hubby rushed back to Wakey from North Yorks in expectation of a another great bonfire eve in Thornes Park only to find ourselves in the dark in the park which i do not recommend by the way!!! & then began thinking they’d moved the location elsewhere near by. So this is fresh news to us that the event was actually cancelled.

        Why on earth didn’t the council think to remove the out dated & ill informed poster for goodness sake?!

        • I see your frustration, sometimes manpower doesn’t allow this type of job, All the information on the comments are valid. We all do hope wakefield council can find a sponsor for 2017.

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