Guy Fawkes Night

Guy Fawkes Night Overview, in England on November 1605, Catholics plotted to blow up the English Parliament and King James l, A plot that was thought up by Robert Catesby and to be completed by the hands of Guy Fawkes.

Guy Fawkes Night History

King James l passed laws against English Catholics, After promising to retract laws from Queen Elizabeth 1st. Robert Catesby (The leader), along with 12 other men, In 1605 made plans to blow up the house of parliament, (the government buildings) in London.

The plan was simple, hide 36 barrels of gunpowder in the basement, and when the king arrives with his lords, to light the fuse and blow them up. But the plan got foiled, in short, a letter from someone anonymous, was sent to the king and he ordered a search of the grounds and cellars. 2 guards found Guy Fawkes (The Explosive expert) hiding behind the barrels.

All the 13 men were arrested tortured and killed, and to celebrate the kings survival, James, the 1st ordered the people of England to have a huge bonfire on the night of November 5th.

Guy Fawkes Night Overview article explains, Over 400 years of ambient traditions. Community organizers and families, hold bonfires and fireworks displays to celebrate the king surviving this plot.

Guy Fawkes Night Overview

Guy Fawkes Night Overview Traditions

Every year Bonfire societies and schools Build Guy Fawkes Effigies, such as Edenbridge bonfire society, and among other Bonfire societies such as Lewes, have built effigies mocking the actions of celebrities, over the modern years.

Among other foreign EU and UK leaders and political stances. View a list of Past Present Guy Fawkes Effigies here of everyone who has been mocked.

Guy Fawkes Night Poem

For hundreds of years we have told poems and chants of guy fawkes, One famous chant or rhyme. Is remember remember the 5th of november the gunpowder treason and plot, the famous rhyme has been song by children and adults across the UK for centuries.

Over the years local communities have changed and recited their own version of the plot and guy fawkes. A more detailed coverage can be found on Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night Rhymes.