Paisley Fireworks Display

Paisley Fireworks Display 2017

Paisley Fireworks Display will again be back for another annual. bigger and better, and what more can you ask for a free display.

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Essential Details at a glance

    • Date: Saturday, 4th, November 2017.
    • Price: Free
    • Time: Gates 12.00 pm.
    • Location: Directions

Paisley Fireworks Display Description:

Most street around the event will be closed, to ensure everyone’s safety during the fireworks finale.

The event offers much more than just fireworks but a full entertainment package.

Please take into consideration when attending Paisley Fireworks, that this event does not allow any animals unless they are guide dogs.

You will be escorted away if you bring any fireworks, such as consumer sparklers, sky lanterns or another type of fireworks.

Also, you will be refused if you bring alcohol or other such drinks.

The area where the fireworks are set up will be restricted to the public, this is to ensure everyone is safe.

Remember to wear something suitable for you footwear and a warm coat, jacket, Autumn weather is unpredictable.

There should be shops, and other stalls, including conveniences. if you need direct disability access please contact above number.

Guy Fawkes Night at Paisley

always keep valuable items out of sight, everything should be left in a safe place if you do not need it.

Parking may be limited for the Paisley event to ensure you can get access please contact the council for further information.

The event is for all the local family and friends, anyone can attend, Please make sure you keep a watchful eye on children.

The event can attract big crowds, please follow any safety advice given on the night, to ensure you own and others safety.

If any road restrictions are in place, most will be lifted soon after the fireworks display is ended, please allow time for this to be completed.

Paisley Fireworks Display is a fantastic autumn evening, remember to Enjoy a spectacular feast of music and entertainment followed by the fireworks display.

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