Peebles Annual Fireworks Display

Peebles Annual Fireworks Display 2017

Peebles Annual Fireworks display hosted by Round Table Peebles will host the best Guy Fawkes display for the entire family.

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Essential Details at a glance

  • Date: Saturday, 4th November 2017.
  • Price: Free (Donations)
  • Time: Gates 6.00 PM.
  • Location: Directions

Peebles Fireworks Display Description:
In summary, taking place at Victoria Park, Peebles. The Firework show will wow you and offer you a truly fantastic bonfire night.

Peebles best event for fireworks night, the entire village and surrounding are welcome to this event.

The entry is free, However, if you donate as much as you can, you will get offered a glow in the dark wristband.

Furthermore, There will be plenty of entertainment for the children.

There maybe some stalls offering beverages and food on the night.

Please note parking could be limited during. If you do park away from the event. Follow any parking signs in the local area.

However, consider using Peebles public services or share a ride to the event.

In short, do not bring any animals, please keep a watchful eye on children at the fireworks show. and always tidy up before you leave.

Bonfire Night at Victoria Park, Peebles

You are advised to wear suitable footwear for the event such as boots, or wellies as this event takes place on a field.

Furthermore, wear warm clothing like a waterproof coat. bring an umbrella just in case it pours down, or anything else you think may keep you warm and dry.

Please only bring valuable items you are going to need to use at Peebles Annual Fireworks Display, Make sure your items are locked up safely and out of sight.

Particular areas of Victoria Park may be restricted. For instance, barriers around the bonfire, and fireworks. This is to ensure everyone is safe during the event.

Finally, Always follow Peebles safety signs during the night. Ask marshalls for any information if you have concerns.

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