What Is Bonfire Night

What Is Bonfire Night a question everyone asks once in their life, being brief, Bonfire night is when we all come together as a community.

Where we enjoy a traditional event and have a good time.

What Is Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night or if you prefer Guy Fawkes day, Guy Fawkes night is always on the 5th of November.

Bonfire night can be enjoyed at any age from toddler years to the elderly.

Guy Fawkes has gone through many stages over the years, and is still pretty much alive and thriving today.

The Lost Past

Images below show between 1900 and 1990s, children across England, built homemade effigies, in trolleys or wheelbarrows.

Children of all age groups would go knocking on doors asking for a penny a guy.

It would help fund to buy fireworks, to go on their massive community built bonfires.

A huge undertaking tradition that is not much not seen today.

Children would go around asking Neighbours and local shop owners for old furniture and pallets to help build these bonfires.

Why Do We Celebrate

Guy Fawkes night is an old English tradition, Over 400 years, it was to celebrate with a great bonfire for the failed plot.

Come back to the present day, and we celebrate with regulated fireworks.

We still keep the old traditional food around bonfires such as cooked jacket potatoes and Yorkshire Parkin.

Even include school children and home activity of building Guy Fawkes effigies for the local firework displays.

Bonfire Night is Not Declining

Bonfire night is not falling, In most situations, it is more of a priority of when and where we can use fireworks.

Given the fact, that today doesn’t present with bonfires in every garden, or at every community display.

Due to Health and Safety restricting how big and what risk of unsafe in the surrounding environment.

Or do we hear the old English Guy Fawkes rhyme, remember, remember, the 5th of November in the streets.

The purchase of fireworks goes up each year with record sales, on the majority of them.

On the clip above and in the distances, these are the back garden families, who are keeping a 400-year-old England tradition.

Almost every year, you can guarantee a display on the weekend before the 5th or the week after.

However, fireworks are set off weeks before the date and almost days or weeks after the date.

Regardless of all these online articles expressing themselves with titles.

There are plenty of people still love the whole ambient of Guy Fawkes Night, Yes we may share it with Halloween and Diwali.

But, Looking at recent years, ask any dedicated firework shop, Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes Nigh is not declining.

Further information

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