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PyroHub download the App free from google play store and have the power of over 175 fireworks shops across the nation in your hand. Remember Remember the 5th of november.

Download PyroHub App – Get Ready For Bonfire Night

Download PyroHub App on Google Play
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Download PyroHub App Free

Personal Fireworks Directory

Pyrohub Is designed to give you free access to firework companies and fireworks displays in the UK. A simple lightweight app that it easy to use and find the companies and displays you love.

Simple UI

The navigation is simple and clean, no need to click through to many directories to get to a page. Everything is simple from the main menu.

Download PyroHub App Free
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Download PyroHub App Free

England, Wales and Scotland, Ireland

Pyrohub has over 175 listed firework companies across ireland, scotland, england and wales. So you are sure to find a local stockist in no time.

Easy Searching

Search has never been easy, The hub uses your precise gps location so you can narrow down to the last mile for a good healthy result narrow down to at least 10 miles.

Download PyroHub App Free
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Download PyroHub App Free


This app is free to use and you can even use it as a guest, but to rate, review and even add to your favourites signing up is easy as pie.

You can use regular sign up, twitter or facebook. the hub pulls your recent profile picture or you can upload your own.


We have all been in that little pickle when it comes to the great british weather. Pyrohub tells you current state of the weather so you can be sure to know when to light your fireworks.

Download PyroHub App Free
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Download PyroHub App Free

Firework News/offers

Beside all the goodness the hub brings, you can view the latest news and offers from firework stockists around the UK.

Update A Profile

Your profile is your personal space you can upload images and names easy as 1 2 3.

Download PyroHub App Free