Sparks in the Park Cardiff

Sparks in the Park Cardiff Fireworks

Sparks in the Park Cardiff Fireworks Display will set the annual display for November 4th, Sponsored by heart.

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Essential Details at a glance

    • Date: Saturday, 4th, November 2017.
    • Price: Tickets
    • Time: Gates 4.30 pm.
    • Location: Directions

Sparks in the Park Cardiff Fireworks Display Description:

The gates are set to open around 4:30 pm, with the Children fireworks roughly at 5:45 pm, followed up with the lighting of the bonfire on 6:15 pm getting ready for the grand show main fireworks at 7:00 pm.

Cardiff’s best fireworks display Tickets will be on sale online and at the gates, in the run up weeks and days to the traditional annual show.

Please use the above phone number to make special enquiries before purchasing any tickets, and for the latest news on the display.

Remember Sparks in the Park is held in a muddy field. high heels aren’t recommended.

Boots or wellies will save you feet, just some examples to take onboard when attending this display.

Because Of the nature of the weather, you are also required to wear something more warm and comfy.

Please take the safety in mind when attending Cardiff sparks in the park, Do not bring any type of fireworks, such as sparklers, sky lanterns or consumer cakes/rockets.

You are also not allowed to bring any pets unless they are service dogs or any alcohol.

In short, With great success year after year. It takes a tremendous amount of time and volunteers to set up the event, Please take into consideration.

That most of the park will be tapped/bordered off from people wandering into restricted areas.

Also, keep an eye on children when entering parks.

You are required to get in touch to double check all safety in place before attending.

Sparks in the Park Cardiff Check local

There may be parking restrictions and road closures so please check the Cardiff local council website near the time of visiting.

Any concerns or advice, please ring above number so you know the information before visiting.

Only bring valuable items you are going to use on the night. keep everything out of sight and looked up.

Sparks in the Park Cardiff is a massive annual fireworks display held each year around Guy Fawkes Night on Coopers Field.

This is Wales’ biggest fireworks display. Organised by Cardiff Round Table and supported by Heart Radio.


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